Peruvian quinoa soup, 0.25kg*12

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Quinoa is preferred due to the large amount of protein, vitamins and essential amino acids. Such cereals are among the top most useful products, they are also almost completely digested by the human body and do not contain gluten. In addition to cereals, the recipe includes red rice, protein-rich lentils, healthy vegetables and aromatic spices. Cooking a dish does not require special skills and abilities, and is also suitable for cases when it is necessary to prepare lunch quickly. When creating a set of ingredients, experts strictly observe the ancient
the recipe of Peruvian cuisine, and also use high-quality natural spices.
Ingredients: red rice, red lentils, dried vegetables and herbs (corn,
paprika, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, parsley), spices
(ground black pepper, ground coriander).

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