Mexican soup with beans and corn, 0.12kg*11

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Mexican soup is a fragrant, moderately spicy and incredibly satisfying soup with beans and sweet corn. Serve it with a tortilla or nachos and immerse yourself in the culinary flavor of bright Mexican cuisine.Mexican cuisine is a real extravaganza of tastes. Her dishes are spicy and spicy, bright and unusual, simple and uncomplicated, but always very tasty.
Ingredients:Ground chopped beans, red lentils (K-chopped, C-whole-see after the date of manufacture), green lentils, dried vegetables (flour potato, onion, tomatoes, eggplant, crushed garlic), yellow lentils, freeze-dried corn, pea flakes, dried ground spices and herbs (green onion, smoked paprika, black pepper, chili pepper, cumin, turmeric).

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