Zephyr is not only delicious, but also a very useful sweet treat that can be safely given even to children. And Belevsky zephyr is the maximum benefit, because the dessert contains only natural ingredients. The set consists of three fruit and berry flavors
• exotic orange,
• juicy sweet and sour apple,
• and fragrant strawberries with the taste of hot summer.
Who does not like these fruits-berries? We are sure that there are no such people among real gourmets!
Exclusively natural and fragrant sweetness, created in the best traditions of Belevskaya cookery. The composition does not include synthetic components, so each zephyr has an unusually delicate flavor with a characteristic sourness, unlike the taste of similar products. Apple is a traditional additive of Belevsky zephyr. For its excellent gastronomic qualities, it became the basis of most of the products of the Belevsky Sweets company. And marshmallows on apple pectin are the most useful of the existing ones!

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