Smokva is an old sweet, which is prepared in Belev according to a traditional recipe. For this purpose, only natural fruits (primarily apples) and berries are used, which are processed in a special way and dried for a long time.
The smokva has a dense structure. It is similar in appearance, and in consistency to chewing marmalade (apple, for example).
• any chemical additives are excluded: flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives, and others…
• all products are made exclusively by hand, according to old recipes, without the use of modern technology.
Smokva can be taken as a snack to work – or give them to a child at school. Such a delicacy will be a great alternative to harmful industrial “goodies”.
It’s just incredible that from ordinary fresh fruit juice, you can get such a treat.
This is a great substitute for sweets and other sweets containing a lot of sugar.
Try it and feel the richness of taste and aroma.

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